Property Cooling Summary in Singapore 2009 to 2013


Loan-to-Value for home loans lowered to 40% for borrowers with existing
home mortgages or home loans and wanting a longer repayment term exceeding 30 years or extending beyond retirement age of 65 years. Maximum loan term capped at 35 years.


New property cooling measures announced
Singapore | Updated today at 06:24 PM

Significant new property cooling measures have been announced.
They include size restrictions on executive condominiums, tighter loan-to-valuations and higher buyer stamp duty.

The Government is also implementing a seller's stamp duty on industrial property for the first time to discourage speculative activity in the sector.

Key changes:
- Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty will be raised between five and seven percentage points across the board. To be imposed on PRs purchasing their first residential property and on Singaporeans purchasing their second property. The Government said the ABSD measures are significant but temporary and will be reviewed in future depending on market conditions.

- Individuals obtaining a second housing loan, the LTV limits will be lowered to 50 per cent, or 30 per cent if the loan tenure exceeds 30 years. For individuals obtaining third or subsequent housing loans, LTV will be 40 per cent or 20 per cent if tenure exceeds 30 years. For non-individual borrowers, LTV will be lowered to 20 per cent, from 40 per cent before.

- Minimum cash down payment for individuals who are applying for a second or subsequent housing loan will also be raised from 10 per cent to 25 per cent.

- PRs who own HDB flats will be disallowed for subletting their whole flat

- Max strata floor area for new EC units to be capped to 160 sq m

- Sales of new dual-key EC units will be restricted to multi-generational families only.

- New sellers stamp duty for industrial property of between 5 per cent and 15 per cent, depending on when it is sold.

This is the seventh round of cooling measures announced by the Government since 2009 and its the most comprehensive set of measures so far.

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